Speaking Presentation

We offer three choices for Speaking Presentations to your group:

  1. One Theme Focus. Time: one hour. Content: You choose a theme (Love, Sin, Jesus, Gift of Salvation) and we present a focused view of the theme and how it relates to the gospel presentation.
  2. Four Theme Overview. Time: Four hours. Content: In-depth study of each of the four themes (Love, Sin, Jesus, Gift of Salvation).
    Divided into 4 - 1 hour sections on each theme (3 truths per theme).
  3. Twelve Truths. Time: 1-1/2 days. Content: Detailed/In-depth study of each of the twelve truths (ex - in the suit of hearts the 3 truths are: God loves you, God created you and God has a plan for your life). This seminar would be offered weekends only (Friday 7-10p and Saturday 8-6p).

Please contact us today and we'll call you to discuss available dates and rates.



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