About Us

Cards Of The Bible™ mission is to share the good news of God's love and plan for our lives and to enrich
our understanding and appreciation of God's word in an affordable, convenient and fun format.

Company Timeline/News
Jan 2005 - Cards Of The Bible
™ commenced operations marketing to individuals and retail stores
Sept 2006 - Cards Of The Bible
™ sold in 11 stores in 5 States
August 2007 - Clown Ministry using Cards Of The Bible
Sept 2007 - Cards Of The Bible
™ purchased for use in an Orphanage in former Soviet Union Republic
May 2008 - Cards Of The Bible
™ being used by Atlanta, GA Ministry that helps young adults develop positive self esteem.
April 2009 - Cards Of The Bibl
new website unveiled.

The History of Playing Cards
Playing cards have been traced back to 9th Century China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and they reportedly rapidly spread across Europe in the late 14th Century. The four suits used today (Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades) originated in France in 1480.

For an in depth look at playing card history you can go to:
, www.USPlayingCard.com

Playing Cards - A Great Past Time for Here and Now!
When was the last time you played cards with your friends? Playing cards brings people together, face to face for both fun and fellowship. A night of card playing is more fun than a movie - it's cheaper and there's nothing to censor. We hope that you will find a new joy in card playing! Check out some of the card games we have listed for you!




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